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    Freelance -UK-German-French- W

    Freelance -UK-German-French- W

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    Project description:

    We are on online advertising company with web sites that are in need of content writers to summarize major stories and write original content daily. Among the categories of sites we will soon be operating in UK,Germany,France are Auto, Tech, Sports, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Parenting, to name a few.
    Please only apply if you feel comfortable covering these categories for a UK,French,Germany audience.

    As a Content Manager, you will be responsible for creating and uploading all written and photo content for a site daily. The actual job consists of writing and uploading several pieces of content to each site per day to start.
    This can include
    75word posts in which you pick content for each site based on the site’s topic. Be smart and brand safe.
    For example, if you are assigned a fashion site, see what’s making headlines that day or upcoming days. Select articles, summarize each in 75 words based on what’s important and why readers should care. Write an original title, include hyperlink to original article, upload image to go along with story, and fill in SEO field. WordPress is the platform we use. We pay USD2.50 per each post.

    350word feature posts
    This involves finding good sources to get a full idea of the story, writing an original title and story, hyperlinking some of the sources you have used. Put an original spin into post. Be creative, develop your voice. Then post in WordPress. Also upload a picture with the article and fill out SEO field. We pay USD 15 per feature.

    Creativity encouraged. On time schedule will be required and posting before 11am each day. All posts should be objective never include your own experiences in the post.

    Job Responsibilities

    Skills required:

    5 Tips to Acquire Excellent Copywriting Skills for the Web


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