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    Beth Dumas

    Fitness e-Book Writing Assista

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    Project description:

    Over the last 8 years, I have built one of the most successful fitness book franchises in history.

    About four years ago, I had an idea to create a fitness e-Book collection model. Since that time, I taught a buddy Navy SEAL about my system and he’s gone on to make a very healthy six figure income.

    What I’m looking for, is a writer, who possesses a strong fitness background. Someone who can rather easily create fitness workouts for men and women. This includes developing fitness material that pertains to specific individual age brackets, lifestyles, wants & desires.

    This is would be an ongoing position, where I would like for you to complete 1 50 page e-Book per week. Here’s the catch, I have already developed a template e-Book, which will basically guide you along. In other words, all areas of fitness, including the basics of weight training, cardio, warm-up, nutrition and mental mind-set are already embedded in a template document – This already accounts for say 20 or so pages.

    You would be responsible for simply customizing the e-Book to a particular theme, so to speak.

    I don’t have a huge budget for this project currently, but again, the work is for the long term. I am willing to pay $10.00 per hour and depending on your outflow, you may be able to get two e-Books done a week. Most fitness trainers only get about $15-$25 an hour and don’t have the luxury of working at home. Hopefully a qualified fitness writer will acknowledge this and find interest.

    As we go, we can always negotiate a higher pay rate and if you’re interested, I would consider your involvement in perhaps this or another project, down the road. Not bragging, but there is a lot of opportunity to be gained here.

    Please Note: I am only interested in writers who possess a very strong fitness background – Someone who has created/written workout programs before. If you do not have a fitness background, I can’t see this working out – UNLESS of course you have an uncanny ability to research and take on such a challenge – Some people are that good! Please surprise me!

    Thank You!


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