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    Financial Glossary Definitions

    Financial Glossary Definitions

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    Project description:

    This project involves writing definitions for financial terms. We currently have a glossary of over 6,000 financial terms and we are looking to expand it. We have identified a 100 high priority terms that we will need definitions written for. They have to be of high quality. These definitions are to be written by researching the terms and their meanings (they have to be 100% original). The definition must be significantly different from any single source, and there must be sufficient agreement among the sources to be confident the definition is correct. Since our website is US based, these definitions have to be written using American (not British) English and by a native English speaker. The winning bidder will provide us with a list of all sources used while researching the definition and certify that the definition is completely original. There will be approximately 2 revision cycles. The definitions should be easy to understand and should flow properly.

    Content will be delivered in Microsoft Word format with proper formatting (i.e. with titles, italics, bullets etc). Content should be ready to be published on the web. Our company will acquire all rights to this original work as part of the project fee. Please forward at least 2 samples of your work, preferably in the finance/investing arena. Some of the words that definitions will be written on are: Asymmetric information, beneficial ownership, crowding in.

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