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    Business Articles

    Business Articles

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    Project description:

    Freelance writer needed for ongoing projects. Main subject: Business. Topics will vary widely and may require some online/offline research. The ideal candidate must have excellent writing skills and

    be able to maintain confidentiality
    do online/offline research on any topic as necessary to provide accurate information
    have excellent grammar, sound like a native US english speaker
    have clear, concise writing style
    be detailoriented and follow our instructions
    be able to meet tight deadlines usually 3 day turnaround
    produce creative and original work

    The writing assignments will cover various business topics. Please include an explanation about what qualifies you as an expert on this topic.

    A typical writing assignment will consist of us providing you with a main topic, subtopics, and terms/phrases that need to be included in the work. No need to worry about any search engine optimization or keyword density. What we care about is having quality content that contains accurate and informative writing that could stand alone as an article or be used in a newsletter. A typical assignment will contain about 5 subtopics, or 5 pages,500 words per page. You will be expected to include references along with the work including any web sites, books, magazines, or any other sources.

    Only original, nonplagiarized content will be accepted. Your work must pass the test for original content We also use other means to check for plagiarism. We are aware of programs that rewrite articles automatically or semiautomatically. And we will not accept any work we suspect may have been generated by this type of software. The work you submit must be original.

    We will give you clear directions on any needed revisions. We reserve the right to refuse work that does not comply with our guidelines and expectations. We intend to work with you to come up with the best material and hope to build a longterm relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

    All the work we commission will become our exclusive property. You must agree to relinquish all rights to the work you turn in, and not to resell these articles to anyone or reuse them in any way for any purpose.

    If you are interested, please submit an original sample of your writing on the topic listed above: about 300 words.

    Skills required:

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