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    Articles for Indian readers

    Articles for Indian readers

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    Project description:

    We require articles on subjects relevant and interesting to property and home buyers / owners in India. These are part of a real estate directory / handbook. To serve as an example, here are a few of the topics:
    ~ Vaastu-Feng Shui
    ~ Home loans
    ~ Building your own home
    ~ Guidelines on property buying
    ~ Quality control / ISO standards in real estate
    ~ Choosing an architect
    ~ Choosing an interior designer
    ~ The different rooms of a house
    ~ Flooring options
    ~ A home in the country
    ~ Kitchens
    Etc. etc. etc.

    This list is provided to give bidders an idea of the diverse subjects, each of interest to our target audience – the Indian property / home buyer and owner.

    Approximately 75 articles are required with a length of 250-300 words each (or in multiples thereof depending upon the number of pages allotted to a particular subject). We will provide the subjects and an outline of what is needed, along with the desired length. The articles would have to be written from the perspective of the Indian property owner / buyer and should be non-technical and easy-to-read. They should also be interesting, useful and informative rather than theoretical or glossy. Optimisation for search engines, use of keywords, etc. are not needed.

    We can divide the work between a few writers depending upon their areas of interest and knowledge. Minor research may be required. Articles will strictly have to be original though raw content (facts, data, figures) may be sourced from existing materials by the writer. Copyright will remain with us and writers will have to enter into an agreement with us regarding the same prior to starting work.

    Please quote for twenty articles of 250-300 words each, and clearly mention the time required to complete the same. In case a lesser or greater number of articles is allotted to a writer, or in case of longer articles, payment will be made proportionately. Please also enclose samples of your work along with some information about yourself / your background.

    Thank you!

    Skills required:

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