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    Articles for Indian magazine

    Articles for Indian magazine

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    Project description:

    We require articles on various subjects relevant to Indian readers with a slant (where relevant or possible) towards a readership in Kolkata. These articles could be on various subjects including:
    1) Totally local (restaurants, shopping, etc.)
    2) Quasi-local (new products, current affairs, national, travel)
    3) General interest (health, food, computers, travel tips, personal finance, movies, music)

    We will provide the topics, either specifically or generally. An example of a specific request would be “Vegetarian pasta dishes” or “Your baby at one year”. A more general request would be “Italian cuisine” or “Childcare”. This is to serve as an example only.

    Each article would be of 300-600 words depending upon whether it is a half page or full page article. In rare cases shorter or longer articles would be asked for. Articles would be light and easy-to-read and should appeal to a mixed interest readership that is educated and relatively affluent. Keyword stuffing is not required or appreciated and the articles MUST be 100% original. Where adaptations are suggested, these should first be approved by us. Minor research may be required. Copyright will remain with us and writers will have to enter into an agreement with us regarding the same prior to starting work.

    Please place your bid for 10 (ten) articles of 600 words each. In case a lesser or greater number of articles is allotted to a writer, or in case of shorter / longer articles, payment will be made proportionately. Kindly attach some samples of your past work or enclose urls which we can visit and verify, along with some information about yourself / your background. We will pay in all cases after verifying originality and ten days after receiving the articles. Escrow or any other mode of payment which may make a writer comfortable prior to starting work, can be considered but additional costs (if any) will have to be borne by the provider.

    This will be a regular and ongoing project, and we intend to select multiple providers. When bidding, please also mention how many articles you can provide in a fortnight and the subjects you feel most comfortable to work with.

    Thank you!

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