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    Article Writers for Long Term

    Article Writers for Long Term

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    Project description:

    Full time article writer for a minimum of 3 months with an option to continue working with me for more months.

    If you stay for the entire 3 months an additional 10% of the total fees paid to you will be your bonus.

    Your role is to write articles.

    Please note that the job description may vary during the 3 months period. However you will still be writing content as a main role.

    ++++ Copied Articles ++++
    I’m looking for unique articles so every article you write will be proof read and checked to see if its copied.

    ===========Before You Bid===========
    If you wish to bid on this project you will be required to submit previous works or portfolio.

    Please read the attached document about how I want my article writing guidelines.

    5 Articles are required per day

    Give a report on what articles have been written using google docs.

    You will need IM keep in communication

    ===============Working Hours================
    You can work on your own hours but requirements need to be met every week.

    ===THIS PROJECT===
    If you are selected you’ll be required to write 5 articles just so you get the hang of the process & to see if we can work together for the next 3 months

    Keywords will be provided after you get accepted.

    Approximate start date of the project after selecting a bid
    Immediate (within 1-2 days)

    Please provide a few experiences from the past 12 months relevant to this project.

    Skills required:

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