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    Article Rewriters Required

    Article Rewriters Required

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    Project description:

    I am looking for 15 experienced and highly responsible writers for my writing panel who can rewrite my content. I’m building and operating many content sites hungry for fresh content each day covering a wide range of niches.
    Important Information:
    * The article must be 100% manually rewritten without using any software.
    * The article must have correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.
    * The rewritten sentences must make sense! Changing just the words into synonyms will be unacceptable.
    * I have my own Editor/proofread panel and they will rate your articles, once passed you will be offered to work on my rewrite projects.
    * Please bid only if you can write at least 3-4 articles a day. The more the better.
    * You will make $1 to $2 for each 500 word article. My offer is $1 basic + high incentives if the articles are good and at par the client’s requirements.
    * Right now I process all transactions via Paypal only.
    * I also have an SEO writing panel and if you are serious, responsible, consistent and can produce quality content then I may assign you to the SEO writing panel also. For the SEO panel you will make $3 (basic) to $5 per 500 word article.
    I have listed many conditions because I just want to be sure to have quality and serious writers on my panel otherwise we’ll waste our time.
    Note: I have more assignments than you can possibly handle! So I’m essentially looking for long term, genuine writers. I also have many opportunities for those who can produce quality content but first you will need to assure me of your quality and consistency on my rewrite projects.
    Thanks in advance for your genuine bid.

    Skills required:

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