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    One of the most important factors of article marketing success is your ability to write articles that generate huge traffic and compel people to action. In online marketing business, traffic is the best source of revenue. The people who read your articles are your potential customers. When you can persuade them to take action, you will have a chance to make a conversion which is its ultimate purpose. There are many ways to widen your audience base, but one of the most popular among them is to have your articles picked up by other websites, ezines and blogs. In some instances, newspapers and magazines also publish interesting articles that they intend to cater to their respective readers. Here are some tips that can help to make you write articles that attract publishers, websites, blogs and ezines. 1. Don't include self-serving links in your article body. Online publishers are interested in content that carries useful information and they avoid articles that contain self-serving links to the author's business. 2. Don't include more than two self-serving links in your resource box. Your resource box is the portion in your article that tells about you. It tells your readers who you are and it also allows you to include one or two links to your website or business. You should not put more than two links on your resource box. Excessive self-serving links are a turn-off and they discourage publishers from picking your articles for publication on their own sites. 3. Keep your articles between 400 and 800 words. Your articles don't have to be too short or too long to attract other publishers. Articles that are somewhere between 400 and 800 words are ideal as they have the best lengths to convey enough information without being too wordy. 4. Produce 100 percent original articles. Publishers, ezines, blogs and magazines love original articles that are informative, flawless, and easy to read. By being original, you should own the articles, including the rights to it. 5. Be an expert in your niche or topic. Original articles that are written by experts in a particular niche can easily earn the interest and trust of publishers and website owners. These articles usually find their way to the pages of websites, blogs or printed magazines. You should have enough knowledge of the niche you are writing about; this will enable you to write with authority and interact with your readers with confidence. These are some of the tips that can help to make your articles enticing to publishers and website owners. They can help to make your articles syndicated without much effort from your end.

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