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    Mar 5 th, 2011
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    Planning Your Web Content Strategy

    These days it’s not enough to throw up a webpage with your company logo and company vision and call it done. No, you need to add content, and do so on a regular basis. You need content strategy.

    What is the purpose of your website?
    Usually the bottom line is you want your website to be a platform from which to make money. For some it’s merely a storefront to show-off the business and products. Decide what your site’s purpose is and what you want it to do for you and your customers. This will help your figure out your content strategy. Listen to what people want and base your content on that. Keep in mind all content should lead towards your goal(s).

    What type of information will you post on your website?
    Your own product information – This might be full reviews of your various products or a more abbreviated list form.
    Affiliate product information – As above.
    Helpful resources – Listing resources you’ve used and found helpful, geared towards your reader demographics.
    Guest posts – Experts in the industry guest posts or interviews, audio or written.
    Industry news – Up to date reports about what’s going on in your industry.
    “How To” info – Explanations, audio, video, written, about how to do something that your readers want to know.
    Small peeks into your business – Information on how your business is doing, what you’ve learned, and projections for the future of your company.
    Q and A – Take questions posed to you directly or found via social media and answer them.
    Solutions to problems – Every industry has its problems. Discuss possible solutions and engage the readers in dialog.

    How often will you submit content? What is your schedule?
    Posting regularly serves two purposes. One, the search engines will come back and “crawl” your site more often when they learn to expect you on a consistent basis. This can favorably help your position in the search engines. Number two, you will develop a following of readers who understand that you add new content frequently.

    How will you keep your content organized?
    Organization of your content is important for both your site layout, including the categories or pages you will list on the site, and also to keep track of what you’ve already said and still want to say. It may not seem like it at first, but eventually you will forget what content you have already posted. Keeping track is essential.
    Many content producers keep a content calendar where they list out the type of content as well as the topic months in advance.

    Is the voice consisent?
    If you’re the only one writing your content, you should have no problem. But if you have other writers contributing, it’s important to have the same vision and the same voice so as not to confuse the reader.
    Use social media to listen to what is being said in your industry and about relevant products. This will give you insights as to what’s currently going on, plus give you topics to cover and products to review.
    If you have no idea where to begin and you want to go big, consider hiring a content strategist. Hiring someone will ensure you get on the right track from the beginning.


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