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    Sep 16 th, 2011
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    On Page SEO Tips to Improve Search Engine Ranking

    The influx of a multitude of websites all vying for a sweet spot in the search engines has made SEO more than a technique. It is slowly evolving into a science.

    Webmasters and programmers are on the constant lookout for the way search engines behave. They are constantly changing their processes in order to cope up with the search engine evolution.

    In line with the race to the top of the search engine rankings, internet experts devised the following on-page search engine optimization techniques:

    1. Include keywords in domain names. The inclusion of important keywords in domains works well to improve your ranking because it can help your site win the trust of search engines. Search engines consider domain names as a trusted component of a website because it cannot be manipulated easily. Changing content is easy but altering domain names to improve ranking is not an easy thing to do.

    2. Use keywords in meta tags. A meta tag is a tag in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) which is used to describe the contents of a webpage. This information is used by search engines to index a page. This enables searchers to find the webpage based on this information.

    3. Include keywords in headers on page. Use keywords in your H1 and H2 Header tags. This will help the search engines to easily find your webpage.

    4. Ensure the quality and quantity of your content. The best that a website can offer its visitors is quality content. It is also the reason why people are attracted to a site. Quality content drives traffic.

    Content should be intended for human users, not search engines. But you should keep in mind that putting keywords in the article headline and a few times in the body is necessary for search engine optimization.

    You must also make sure that your articles are within the recommended length. Standard articles vary from 400 – 600 words while a regular webpage contains at least 250 words.

    5. You must see to it that all the pages within your website relate to the same subject.

    6. You must ensure that all the links in your website are accessible, current and well-maintained. You should change or remove any links that are no longer working.

    7. Be sure to link only to websites which are trusted. Websites of good standing in search engines help to raise your ranking.

    8. Stick to the standards when registering a domain name. Among the extensions which are considered “normal” by users end with .com, .net or .org.

    9. The age of the domain is a factor that can help to determine its trustworthiness in the eyes of search engine spiders. This is beyond your control, but this implies that website owners must learn to labor and to wait.

    10. Use keywords to name images in your content. Although search engines do not include them in its search for relevant topics, they are displayed when you look for images using the same keyword. The image search results will also display your website and when you click on it, it will open to the specific story where your image is placed.


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