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    Aug 15 th, 2011
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    Nine Essential Parts of a Blog

    Blogs have become a personal journal of individuals, companies or organizations. It contains information about events, issues, solutions, professional advice, technology, gossip and many more. You can find a blog about almost every thinkable topic in the planet.

    Blogs have evolved from simple journals into tools for making extra income, but just like any regular business, it has to contain essential parts in order to attract lots of people that help it to generate money.

    Here are some of the essential parts that a blog should contain to be effective:

    1. The Blog Header

    The blog header is the topmost part of the blog that bears the name and a short description about what it is trying to share.

    2. The About Me / About Us Page

    The “About Me” or “About Us” page of your blog tells your readers who you are. This will be your chance to let your readers know that you are conscious of what they care about and what you can do for them. This page provides your initial chance to cement a relationship with your readers who are your potential source of traffic and perhaps revenue.

    3. The BLog Calendar or Blog Archive

    The blog calendar or blog archive is the part of the blog which shows the months and the number of blogposts on that particular month. This enables visitors to access specific posts of any chosen month.

    4. The Blog Search

    This is the part of the blog that allows users to find specific terms or phrases in your article.

    5. The Blog Categories

    Modern blogs have allowed users to create categories where they can put entries depending on the group where the articles belong. This will make it easier for your visitors to find articles about their specific topic of interest.

    6. The RSS Feeds

    This will allow you the connect with and share your content with other blogs or websites.

    7. The Article title

    This is the show window of your article. It should be able to provide a summary of what your article is trying to say.

    8. The Blog Content

    The blog content is the heart and soul of your blog. It is what your visitors come to your website for. It should be able to provide answers, encouragement or inspiration to your visitors. Otherwise, they will simply hit the “Back” button and disappear.

    9. The Comments Section

    This is where your readers leave their thoughts about what you told them in your blog. Comments can either be positive or negative, but in the overall, it can help to make you take a glimpse of your readers’ minds. Knowing what your customers want and providing them with answers to their problems fosters trust. It is one of the most effective ways to do business.


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