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    Nov 3 rd, 2011
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    Nine Copywriting Tips to Captivate Readers

    With the influx of hundreds of articles that get published on the web on a daily basis, capturing the attention of readers has become quite a task. Reader interest has become harder to get and their attention spans had become shorter.

    In order to keep them interested, copywriters and content providers need to create captivating and easy to read copies for their websites. Website competition has actually become stiff that methods have to be formulated to make web content serve the purpose for which it was intended for: to drive traffic and ultimately generate sales.

    Here are 10 copywriting tips you need to consider in order to hold your readers’ attention:

    1. Use short sentences

    Short sentences are easier to read and understand than long, complex ones. Limit your sentences to an average of 16 words to give your reader some breathing space and to ensure that they can easily comprehend to your thoughts.

    2. Use connecting words

    Using connecting words like ‘since,’ ‘as,’ ‘so’ and ‘because’ can help to break up long sentences. These words, which provide clarification to certain conditions, also help to make your story easier to understand.

    3. Avoid using superfluous adjectives

    As a web content provider, you are sometimes tempted to use unnecessary words to your article just to fill up space. It is quite different in copywriting because each word needs to matter. The use of extra adjectives might only make your prospect doubtful.

    4. Write with a purpose

    Your copy should have a definite purpose and one of those is to make sure that it can provide answers to your reader’s present concerns. Your copy should be able to convince its readers that it is made to help them solve their problems.

    5. Be honest

    Be honest and straightforward in your copy. Lay down the problems and offer your solutions. Avoid using words which are only meant to impress the reader. Simple words are more believable than hype.

    6. Stick to one idea for every paragraph

    Do not confuse your readers by putting in multiple ideas on a single paragraph. You should also limit the length of your paragraphs to three or four sentences to keep your readers interested.

    7. Use subheadings and bullet points

    Using subheadings and bullet points helps to make your copy easier to read. They also help skim readers know that there are important points that they need to know.

    8. Write in a conversational tone

    Sales and ad copies are intended for a specific market which you have ample knowledge about. Talk to your audience in a friendly conversational style. Speak their language and write to them like you are talking to a friend about the benefits of a product that you know.

    9. Use power words

    Using power words like ‘proven,’ ‘new,’ ‘breakthrough,’ ‘discovered,’ ‘revealed’ and ‘limited’ can help to arouse reader interest. They can also help to compel them to make a decision to buy.


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