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    Jul 23 rd, 2011
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    More Effective Web Content Writing Tips

    Website content writing is not a difficult task, but the deeper, more difficult mission lies in catching the attention of site visitors to stay awhile and enjoy the pleasure of harvesting valuable information from your blog or website.

    Most people can write, but not everyone is gifted with the skill to write clear, concise and compelling content that calls the reader to action. But skills are learned and people who are driven by desire and passion can learn it.

    First of all, up to date, informative and well-researched articles are the type of content that help to make people stay. But there are more factors that a writer should observe in order to attract more visitors.

    Here are more tips to help you write effective web content:

    1. Relevance is a must

    As a rule, you don’t need to write content which is not relevant to your site’s niche or topic. Site visitors find it odd finding content which is out of context of what your website is all about;

    2. Conclusions at the beginning can be cool

    Traditionally, conclusions are placed at the end of the article to wrap up or emphasize the importance of your topic. But recent contents that show conclusions which were placed above the body which justify them were quite appealing to visitors.

    3. One idea per paragraph tells more

    One idea for every single paragraph makes the story more concise, meaty and structured.

    4. Short sentences tell more

    Brief sentences that bring your point across in a straightforward manner make your content less complicated and easier to understand. Beating the bush can send readers away.

    5. Listed items are reader friendly

    Listing items down instead of narrating them in a paragraph gets more attention from readers as well as it fosters better retention. But as a rule, you should limit the number of items as average people have the capacity to remember not more than 10 items at a time.

    6. Sub-headings make big emphasis

    Some readers find it taxing to read long narratives which could be illustrated better with the use of sub-headings.

    Sub-headings divide the article into shorter, more emphatic components, making it more readable and eye-catching.

    7. Proofreading is a big thing

    Proofreading is the last but certainly not the least important task that needs to be done to make your article satisfactory and pleasing. Typos, spelling mistakes and grammar errors can send visitors away from your page. You should proofread your article before posting them to your site.


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