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    Mar 5 th, 2011
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    Know the Different Levels Of Content and Why It’s Important

    Not all content is created equal. Some of it is better than others, even when it’s all on the same site. Read on to get an idea of the different levels of content and see why it’s okay to have a mix of some of these but not others.

    Starting at the top level is pillar posts. These are the long posts that are well-written and offer stellar insights and information. The pillar post should include new and valuable info that goes beyond the norm. It’s obvious to the reader that the author went farther than was necessary and isn’t even charging for it.  This post may also include some info the reader already knows but it is presented in a unique way that causes a paradigm shift to the reader’s way of thinking.

    Many excellent pillar posts go viral which means tons of new traffic to the site. This increased readership may result in an increase in list subscribers, ad income, or product sales. It definitely helps your credibility which can result in advantageous business partnerships and opportunities, plus further exposure and increased income.  A pillar post is like the Energizer bunny because it keeps going and going, even when it’s in the archives of your site.

    The next level is shorter informative posts. These are easier to write than pillar posts and therefore can be written and posted more often. The quality is still good, but there is less depth and detail. This level also includes guest posts and interviews you’ve done with others in your field or a complimentary field.

    Next is the action/reaction post. This can be your quick thoughts on a subject or it might be a rant. Be careful here because if not done correctly, you will come across as a whiner or a jerk. If done right, it’s an open invitation for readers to contribute, which is a valuable experience for you and your readers.

    These top 3 levels of content can, and probably should, be mixed up. Not every post can be a pillar post because it takes a lot of hard work and time to write at that level. It’s better to fill in with shorter informative posts so your readers don’t forget about you. Occasional opinion posts stir things up, which is fun for everyone involved.

    The next level is OPP; other people’s posts or articles. You might get permission to reprint a post or you’ve grab an article from an article directory. Make sure the article is well-written and entirely on topic, then add your intro, thoughts, and keywords via a few paragraphs before and/or after the article.

    Stepping down a level is posting PLR that has not been changed at all. There is a lot of excellent PLR content out there, but you should make it unique to you and rewrite it to a certain extent.

    Scraped content is at the bottom rung. This is stealing someone else’s content and should not be considered a viable option.

    When adding material to your site, think about the different levels of content. Ask yourself if it helps or hinders your authority, if you can monetize it, if it will engage, entertain, or help the reader, and if it will lead to other business opportunities.


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