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    Aug 5 th, 2011
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    Is Using PLRs Ethical?

    In the internet marketing lingo, a PLR or Private Label Rights material is a package of content on certain topics. These are written by third party writers and made available to purchasers for use on their websites, blogs or ebooks.

    The freelance writers who often author PLRs do the necessary research and write articles on a pre-determined number of words per article within the package.

    Many website owners actually use PLRs as reference for their website content, while some post these directly to their blogs or websites after stuffing the them with a few keywords and a brief proofreading for each, just to be able to provide quick content.

    In the midst of this practice, a question arose: Is using PLRs ethical?

    The quick answer to this question would be yes, because you are buying the rights to own the package of articles and nobody will be running after you for illegally obtaining them. But the best thing to do with them is to rewrite them or have them rewritten by a freelance writer in order to make the final copies unique before having these published. Original contents get a fair chance of ranking well in Google.

    The problem of posting the PLRs directly to the web is the fact that there are thousands of other buyers out there and other website owners could have bought the same exact package that you have and posted these into their websites. This creates duplicate content, and duplicate content is subject to penalty. Your website will get penalized if search engines, most especially Google, can discover that your content is identical to some pages on older websites; and the penalty? Your entire website will be marked “duplicate content,” and it will not be included in the search results.

    There’s really nothing technically wrong about using PLRs as content for your website because you are automatically given the right to do anything with it after purchasing the package. But you must have it rewritten to avoid the possibility of becoming duplicate content, which is one of the worst things that can happen to a blog or website.

    A PLR that is rewritten 55 to 75 percent unique is good enough, but a higher percentage of uniqueness your articles can get is of course better. One very important rule to remember when rewriting PLR articles is never to use any four successive words from the PLR in your new version which is heading for the web. Avoiding the use of four or more consecutive words of the same phrase from the PLR considerably increases the percentage of uniqueness of your rewritten version of the article.


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