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    Apr 29 th, 2012
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    Important Video Production Tips for Beginners

    Online videos have become a new favorite in the Internet industry today. This is proven by a study which shows that an average Internet user watches 186 videos a month.

    Like written articles, there are different types of videos to suit the different interests of different people. Some of these videos feature news and entertainment clips, advertising videos, comedy videos, personal videos and many more.

    Many people have come to appreciate the power of videos as a means of communication because of its convenience and ability to engage people in a way that photos and text can’t. It is because videos can bring a face, a voice, a personality, and even a heart to a message.

    With the advent of affordable video equipment and user-friendly programs, video production has become easier for individuals and small businesses owners to promote their products or services.

    Online videos have facilitated the creation of a fair playing field in the online video marketing industry. This is not about the use of the most sophisticated video equipment; this is about the production of interesting, engaging and compelling videos that tickle the interest of many people.

    This article intends to give some of the most important tips in video production for beginners. These are:

    1. Keep it simple.

    Remember, you are just a beginner in the online video production business. You don’t have to make things complicated at once. A simple topic for your first video can be enough to give you and your business some added exposure. You will have plenty of chances to create better videos in the future.

    2. Talk to someone real while the video is recording.

    When you’re creating your video, you need to talk to a real person to allow you to come up with real gestures and facial expressions. Let the person sit behind your camera and see to it that you are comfortable working with that person.

    3. Keep it short.

    Once again, the “kiss” principle is still one of the most effective methods of conveying important messages, even in videos. But you should anchor your video message on at least three bullet points that you wish to impress on your viewers’ minds.

    “Kiss” stands for keep it short and simple.

    4. Encourage Interaction.

    Videos, like status updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter are interactive. You should encourage interaction in your videos. It can help you to discover what your target viewers want to see. It can actually play a role in your improvement.

    5. Add a call to action in your videos.

    Like written articles, calls to action are one of the most important parts of an online marketing message. Always make sure to incorporate calls to action in your videos. They can lead your viewers to the next step of your marketing ladder.


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