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    May 11 th, 2012
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    Important Tips to Avoid Writing Burnout

    Being a freelance writer, time is in your hands, but if you spend it all at work, you might end up suffering from exhaustion sooner or later.

    Writing burnout could be an inevitable consequence if your only commitment is to work for money without giving time for yourself. It is your prerogative to accept as much work as you can, but being constantly in a race with time because of deadlines to beat can take a toll on your health – and your career.

    It is always good to relax once a week to give your brain time to rest. In this connection, this article would like to give you some important tips to avoid writing burnout.

    1. Pick one day off a week.

    The bills continue to mount even if you stop working, but this should not deter you from taking a day off each week in order to renew your energy for the days ahead. The effects of overwork can be devastating and it might lead to a long absence, which means a greater loss for you.

    When choosing a day off, pick a day when the other members of your family would be available so that you can spend the day together. It is quality time that you can spend with them and it would be beneficial to you and the rest of your family.

    Except for emergency cases, always allocate that day as your day off. It can help your family to remember it so that they can make a plan how you can spend it together.

    When you are spending your day off, try to avoid your computer for the whole day. Go out and find a new sight. Work on a new activity. Relax your mind and appreciate the reward that you have just given to yourself.

    2. Do other things that you are passionate about.

    Always set a regular schedule for the start and end of your writing job. This is what regular companies want their employees to do. You need to start and stop working at regular times so that you can do other activities that interest you, like a hobby or some sports.

    Being engaged in a hobby or sports can help to relax your mind. It can help to protect you from feeling depressed due to overwork or burnout. You may not have noticed it, but thinking, writing and staying in front of the computer for days for extended hours can cause depression.

    You should avoid it by engaging in some relaxing activity like fishing or gardening. You can also go out and get some sun by engaging in physical activities like jogging, bicycling, or playing tennis. All of these activities can help to unwind your mind. They also help to stimulate your brain to release mood-enhancing hormones to keep you feeling refreshed.


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