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    Mar 13 th, 2012
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    Important Tips for Effective Article Writing

    For writers, article writing is an effective way to make money online. For websites and businesses, it is one of the best ways to generate traffic and boost their potential for sales.

    But you just can’t produce articles for the sake of writing. As a writer or a website owner, you are obligated to produce quality, informative and engaging articles in order to attract readers and drive traffic to your website. The quality and value of your articles are factors that help to determine your capability to attract readers and convert them into customers.

    This article intends to give you some tips for effective article writing. These are:

    1. Write articles that are informative and instructional.

    Your articles are intended to attract a specific audience with specific needs and problems. To get your target market’s attention, you need to produce informative or instructional articles that best suit their present needs and concerns. Start with an engaging title and follow it up with an interesting body that keeps your visitor reading.

    You also need to optimize your articles for the search engines by infusing your title and your article body with important keywords that searchers use when they look for information on the web.

    2. Use the proper tone and style.

    A majority of articles written for the web are friendly and conversational. You should write like you are talking to a friend over a cup of coffee. You can use the second person perspective to tell your readers that you are addressing them directly. This can help to make your audience feel at ease with you.

    3. Break your story into sections with headlines and subheadings.

    People on the web have very short attention spans and they can easily navigate away from your page if they can’t immediately find the information they are looking for, even if you’ve provided it in your content.

    To solve this, you need to make your content scannable by breaking it into sections with headlines and subheadings. Infuse important keywords in your headlines and subheadings. They can help to attract your readers’ attention and hold them to read more.

    4. Use anchor text help search engines do their job.

    Articles that are provided with a short summary that contains your main keywords are well-liked by search engines. It helps to let your reader know what your article is all about. Another important item that you need to include in your article is anchor text. These are hyperlinked words on a webpage that takes you to another webpage when you click on them as they are actually links that are waiting to be opened.

    5. Include a resource box.

    You article cannot serve its purpose if it doesn’t have a resource box that promotes you and your business. It contains information about you as the author and links to the websites that you promote. Your resource box leads your reader to the next level in your marketing campaign.


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