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    Jan 19 th, 2012
    Buying Web Content-Freelance Writing No Comments

    Important Things to Consider when Buying Web Content

    Buying web content is a good option if you want to devote your time to a more productive area of your life, like managing your business.

    This needs a little pre-planning and a realistic budget, because you will be hiring a freelance writer to make this work. Here are the important things you need to consider when buying web content:

    1. Keyword Research

    Unless you buy keyword lists for your articles, you need to do keyword research yourself. You will give these keywords to your writer so that he can research for specific information related to them. A main keyword and two secondary keywords or phrases would be sufficient for a 400 – 600-word article.

    2. Determine the length of the articles you want to outsource.

    In order to ensure that your content carries sufficient information, you should determine the average length of articles that you will order from your freelance writer. Blog posts require 300 – 800 words while marketing articles are anywhere between 500 – 1,000 words. As a matter of principle, you should take note that each webpage can contain 500 – 700 words.

    3. Determine the number of articles or blog posts you want written on a specific period.

    The number of articles or blog posts you want to outsource for your website is relative to your budget and the age of your site. This means that if your website is new and empty, you might need at least 40 optimized pages to allow it to attract traffic. If you want to add content to an existing website, you might need less. Another way to determine the quantity of articles to outsource is to base it on the number of keyphrases that you want to rank for.

    You should also be clear about the number of articles you want your writer to submit on a daily or weekly basis.

    4. Set a realistic budget for your project.

    Your budget will largely depend on the skill level of your writer and the length and type of articles that you want to outsource. The price of outsourced articles ranges between 25 cents to $25 per 100 words. You will know what to expect based on your own budget.

    5. Give clear instructions where to place your keywords in the article.

    Most freelance writers online possess some basic knowledge of search engine optimization and they know where your keywords need to be placed. But you still need to be clear about this as this will set a standard for them to follow for each article that they produce. Well optimized articles usually contain keyphrases in the title, the first paragraph, two or three times in the body and in the conclusion.

    6. Define the writing style for the articles.

    Online writing is like you’re talking to a friend over a cup of coffee; they’re written in conversational tone. It is different from prose or scholarly type of writing. You should be clear with this when you outsource your content. This is one factor that can determine reader interest. You wouldn’t want your site to be left out because of poor writing style.

    7. Determine who will post the articles.

    If you want to be absolutely hands free with your site and you are quite confident in your writer’s skill level, you can let him post the articles for you. This will save you much time and your writer will have direct access to the articles should they find something that needs quick editing.

    8. Pay your freelance writer on your agreed terms and conditions.


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