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    Feb 2 nd, 2012
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    Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Freelance Writers

    Many publishers, content marketers and blog owners need the help of freelance writers to tell their story.

    As a blog owner or content marketer, it is your task to find a freelance writer who is equipped with the skills to produce the kind of content you want for your site. In order to find the right content contributor for your site or business, here are some important things that you need to lookout for in freelance writers:

    1. Chemistry

    Before you tap the services of a freelance writer, you must first see to it that he has a personality that matches your organization. He might not be an expert in your industry but his passion will push him to delve to know more about the subject. Don’t fall for an industry expert who you can’t afford to stay in the same room with. In a team environment, relationship is an important element to make things work.

    2. Skill

    In the field of writing, you can find copywriters, journalists and technical writers, among others. As a business owner or marketer who is well-versed of your company’s business process, you should be able to identify what kind of writer will fit your content needs. Copywriters, journalists and technical writers don’t do the same jobs. If you maintain a technical blog, a technical writer will be your best bet, but if you want your content to have a persuasive call to action, a copywriter is what you’re looking for.

    3. Business Relationship

    You need to point out the elements that make up your business relationship and make it clear to your freelance writer. This will help to make him aware of the obligations and expectations of each party to avoid misunderstanding and confusion later on. Among the things that you need to point out are: his rate, the number of articles he should submit per week, the number of words per article, invoicing and payment terms, and sharing the content through his social network.

    4. Quality

    Even if you are utilizing someone to write for you, your content still reflects your personality and not that or your freelance writer. You should let him know the tone and writing style that you want your site or blog to portray.

    Another quality that you should look for in a freelance writer is dedication, good work ethics and ability to deliver on time. These are very important; these can all give you a good basis to offer a long-term job or not.


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