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    Aug 29 th, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    Important Facts about Article Rewriting

    Article rewriting and article spinning are two different things, but both of them have similar objectives and that is to produce a new unique article from a previously written source.

    Article rewriting is the process of reproducing an article based on a different perspective or viewpoint with the idea still intact.

    Article spinning, on the other hand refers to the process of producing a new article from a source by substituting the the original words with synonyms to produce a unique looking article.

    Article rewriting or spinning do have some advantages, and one of them is its ability to enhance the visibility of your business especially if the rewritten articles are submitted and published in article directories.

    But aside from their advantages, article rewriting and spinning have some drawbacks too, and these include:

    1. You need a longer time to rewrite articles manually. Aside from making sure that the idea of the story is well preserved in the rewritten version. You also need to see to it that your new article is not using the same phrases used in the original, as search engines can use them to track the source.

    2. You need to optimize your articles for the search engines to make them contribute to your search engine ranking objectives. Poorly rewritten articles can drive search engines and readers away. It can cause a big blow to your site.

    3. Because they are done manually, rewritten articles can have higher quality than spun articles. But spun articles can have the advantage of beating competition in terms of exposure because they are finished and submitted quicker.

    4. You need to do article rewriting and spinning carefully. Most website owners and operators now use copyscape to ensure that your articles are not yet published anywhere else on the web. You should see to it that your articles are able to pass copyscape to avoid rejection.

    These are some of the drawbacks of rewritten or spun articles. One of the things that you need to do if you rewrite or spin articles is to do them correctly and they will work for your advantage.

    When your articles reach a considerable level of uniqueness, search engines will see them as fresh content. These can prompt them to index and utilize your new articles to improve your rankings and drive more traffic to your website.


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