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    Sep 20 th, 2011
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    Important Attributes of Search Friendly Websites

    Websites are built to attract visitors. No matter how much you spend to make your website look fantastic, it would not benefit you if nobody knows that it exists.

    Design is an important aspect of every website, but it should be made with the search engines in mind. The look of a website maybe pleasing to the human eye, but it may not be so for search engine spiders which find the website for human searchers.

    Web design and SEO should go hand in hand in order to make it serve its purpose.

    Here are some tips that you can observe to make your website search engine friendly:

    1. Navigation is Easy

    Search engines, like human users, also navigate your website. You should use common web design principles to make your website friendly to all major search engines. HTML is the predominant markup language which is easy for the most search engines to follow.

    2. Texts are Easy to Read

    Text on your web pages should be easy to read. Use fonts which are clear and readable and white spaces should be used wisely.

    3. Speed Matters

    Large graphics take time to load. Human users have very little patience waiting for their computer to access your site. If it takes a lot longer than expected for your website to appear on their screen, visitors will simply hit the “Back” button and find another site. Like human users, search engines also give up on your website if it is not easy to access.

    4. The Look and Feel is Consistent

    Your pages should have a consistent look and feel in order to attract and retain visitors.

    5. Important Information is above the Fold

    Put the most important information “above the fold” in your website. In other words, you should see to it that your most important content should be made visible to visitors without the use of the scroll bar.

    6. Contact Information is Given

    Your contact information is an indication that your business is legitimate and that you want to make yourself traceable. This helps to make your website credible.

    7. Javascript and Ajax are not Used

    HTML is still the best markup language for web pages because they are search friendly. Javascript and Ajax maybe cool but they are not quite appealing to search engines at this point in time.

    8. Meta Data Matters

    It is important for you to use unique title and description for every page on your website. Search engines use these for indexing purposes.

    9. Keywords are Used Naturally

    Keyword and keyword phrases should come in naturally in your content. Your content should be intended for human readers. The days of unnatural texts are numbered because modern search engines can already detect unnatural text.

    Another mark of a search friendly web page is its focus on only one or two keywords or keyword phrases.

    These are the simple guidelines that can help you build a search friendly website. This can best be done by employing a web designer who has a good understanding of search engine optimization.


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