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    Jan 5 th, 2012
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    Important Aspects of Video Content

    Videos are the future of Internet marketing. Many people who used to read articles to get information from the web are now beginning to appreciate the video as an effective means of conveying information online.

    If you’re a beginner, creating a quality video can be challenging as there are important aspects that you have learn and understand. But it wouldn’t take long for you to learn the “how-tos” of video marketing. You will surely learn it if you are serious about this endeavor.

    Here are the six important aspects of video content:

    – Your images should be clear and easy on the eye;

    – Pictures should be distinct and not blurred;

    – Good lighting should be seriously considered when making the video. The main difference between amateur and professional videos is the quality of the lighting. Poor lighting would result in poor quality videos;

    – There shouldn’t be too many effects as these can distract your viewer;

    – Spoken words should be clear and audible; and

    – Your video should be short, within two to four minutes

    These are the basic aspects of video content. If you are not yet ready to produce the video yourself, you can outsource it while you are still learning how to do it. There are lots of video creation tutorials online. They can guide you to acquire the right equipment and skills to produce quality videos for marketing.

    Upload Your Video to YouTube

    YouTube is the most popular video hosting and sharing site on the web today. Thousands of videos are being uploaded to this site every day. This site should be your first choice for video marketing as it has millions of viewers, and some of them might just become part of your traffic.

    Here are the basic steps of uploading videos to YouTube:

    1. You should do some keyword research before you upload videos on YouTube. Choose keywords which are closely related to your niche or the products you intend to sell. This will help to drive targeted traffic for you.

    2. You should see to it that your keywords are flexible enough to be placed at the beginning of your title. YouTube will ask you to give your video a title and description when you upload it.

    3. Write your description at the appropriate box provided for by YouTube. You must see to it that your keywords are placed at the beginning of your sentence. Write a good and compelling description as well as a link to your website; this will help to lead viewers to your content.

    4. Now, optimize your video by writing your keywords in their appropriate box. This will help to make your video search friendly.


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