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    Nov 16 th, 2011
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    Important Article Marketing Tips for Beginners

    Article marketing is one of the most fundamental elements that make the World Wide Web a good place for product promotion. It also provides many online businesses and content providers with a steady flow of income to sustain their needs.

    It is however important to note that there are certain rules to follow and conditions to satisfy in order for one to succeed as an article marketer. As a budding article marketer, you should know them so that you can make the best of your time and effort as you start to engage in the article marketing business.

    Here are a few article marketing tips that you need to know:

    1. Avoid submitting articles which are already published on your website

    If you submit your web content to article directories, it will create a negative impact on your ranking. Search engines are on the lookout for duplicate content and index the site which has a higher ranking as it is assumed to be the originator of the article.

    If you want to submit content from your website, you should rewrite it a bit to make it unique. Just be sure to retain the important keywords which can give your content the added exposure that you wanted.

    2. Rewrite PLRs before publishing or submitting them

    If you have decided to use private label rights articles for your web content, you should rewrite them before publishing them on your website. You also need to produce a second rewritten version of that article if you want to submit it to article directories.

    This is to ensure that duplicate content is avoided. You should also see to it that your rewritten versions are SEO optimized so that they will be seen by search engines.

    PLR articles are made as a source of idea for a new article. You should not publish them in your website or submit them to article directories without making changes on them.

    3. Optimize your article for search engines

    Keywords are important factors that help to give your articles a decent spot in the search engine results page. You should optimize your articles for the search engines by placing highly searched, less competitive keywords in the title, the first paragraph, two or three more times in the body, and in the resource box.

    4. Make your article easy to read and informative

    People surf the web for information. Your articles attract readers only when they contain the information that website visitors want to see. You should also see to it that your content is easy to read and written in a conversational tone.

    Don’t sacrifice readability for keyword density. Remember to always write for your readers; after all, they are the main reason why you are writing for the web.


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