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    Sep 5 th, 2011
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    How to Write Unique Articles for the Web

    Article writing is an important aspect of providing content for the web. It is a cost-effective way to introduce, promote, or advertise a product into the market.

    But there are certain guidelines to follow in order to provide effective web content, and one of them is uniqueness. No matter how great your written work is, if it’s not unique, chances are it won’t be able to impress the search engines and human users.

    Here are some of the ways to write unique articles for the web:

    1. Don’t confine yourself to a single core word

    Your first move is to concentrate on a single core word in your subject and make a research about it. After getting enough information about your core word, you can expand your thought to a broader, yet closely related subject matter to supplement your knowledge. For example, if you want to write about web content, you may expand your thinking to submission and back linking.

    You can also use a keyword tool to research on related keywords that might add to the value of your written article.

    3. Put your feet on your readers’ shoes

    Stay in your readers’ mindset. As much as possible, you should be able to provide answers to questions that your readers want to ask. Write at least 10 questions down and provide answers to them in your own words.

    4. Assemble your ideas

    Assemble your ideas into a written article. One way to effectively do this is to imagine someone sitting in front you and asking you for advice. Keep your answers in a friendly conversational tone and in a question and answer format.

    5. Proofread your article

    After assembling your article, it’s time to proofread and edit it for errors. Avoid making any major editing until you are sure that your new perspective is better than the first one. If your schedule allows, give yourself a break before making any major editing on your piece.

    Make sure that your paragraphs are sequenced logically. Rearrange the paragraphs if necessary. Write short sentences. See to it that your paragraphs contain single ideas and make your ideas flow freely in the article.

    6. Finish the article

    In the beginning of your article, write a short paragraph to give your reader an idea of what’s in the article for him. This will serve as a teaser which aims to capture the reader’s interest. A lot of article directories put the first paragraph of articles into RSS feeds for pickup by other websites. Make sure that at least two of your main keywords are included in the first paragraph.

    To end your article, you can also write a short paragraph which summarizes its major points. After this, you can write your resource box which gives a bit of information about you and what you do. Don’t forget to provide a link back to your website to make it optimized. This is one of the main reasons why you are writing articles for the web.

    7. Submit your article

    Your written work is now ready to go live. But you must remember that each article directory has its own set of rules. When submitting articles, you must be sure to comply with them to avoid any issues.

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