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    Feb 15 th, 2012
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    How to Write Sales Copy Without Hype

    In marketing, hype refers to an exaggerated publicity or promotion of a product or idea. It can sometimes denote a deception because of its tendency to use overheated language and amplification of the real status and capabilities of the product being marketed.

    Some marketing techniques that use hype include:

    1. Baseless claims that are strong and hard to believe.

    2. An appeal to the readers’ emotion with an attempt to convince him into a buying frenzy by using greed, scarcity or laziness as the selling point.

    3. The use of a writing style filled with bold colors, capital letters, underlines and exclamation points.

    4. The true value of the product sold is unreasonably puffed up.

    5. Lies and unclear references to “secrets.”

    6. Fluffy adjectives such as “amazing,” “killer” or “awesome.”

    7. Extreme promises.

    Many copywriters are ashamed to use hype in their content. They believe that this is not a fair and honest way to sell or convince their prospects to buy.

    There are actually plenty of honest copywriting techniques which can effectively compel prospective customers to make a decision to purchase. Here are some of the no-hype copywriting techniques that you can use to promote your products:

    1. Tell a story.

    Telling a true story that relates how the product was able to help you or anyone you know can help to convince your reader of its benefits. True accounts of success or dramatic events related to the product you offer can help to boost your credibility and keep your readers interested.

    2. Show results.

    Showing results is a great way to enlighten your prospects about the benefits that your product can offer. A copy that shows photos of the situation before and after the product application can help to convince its readers that the product is effective. You also need to add a commentary to the photos to emphasize the dramatic differences and to enable your prospects to spot them immediately.

    3. Use a few metaphors to spice up your copy.

    To make your copy more engaging, spice up your presentation with a few metaphors to aid your readers’ imagination and help them understand the message your message. This is a lot better than making promises that are hard to fulfill.

    4. Use language that is pleasing to your readers’ ears.

    Readers love to read text that can create a clear image in their minds. A copy that has the ability to give its reader a visible, tangible and audible image in his mind has the greatest potential to convert its readers into customers.

    5. Provide your copy with proofs.

    Providing proofs are one of your most effective strategies to convince your prospects that the product you sell is capable of fulfilling its promises.

    Proofs can be made of client testimonials, results of scientific studies, third party endorsements, case studies and other evidences that help to explain why your product works.

    Writing a persuasive copy without hype is the fairer approach to sell, and it’s not as difficult as it seems.

    Many copywriters prefer to use this method because it is grounded in reality and truth.


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