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    Jul 18 th, 2012
    Freelance Writing-General Writing No Comments

    How to Write More in Less Time

    Most freelance article writing jobs are paid on a per article basis. A writer who wants to earn more should be able to finish as many articles as he can at any given time.

    Writers write to earn, that’s a fact. For this reason, it is important for a writer to produce many quality articles in a limited time frame. This can be a challenge, for this reason, you need to take note of some strategies that can help you to write more in less time.

    1. Stay away from social networking sites when you are writing.

    The time you dedicate for writing should be utilized just for writing, and anything you do in between like lingering in social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube or Twitter can be counter productive for you.

    This is difficult to do at the start, but you have to develop self-discipline and focus on your objective of earning more.

    2. Minimize interruptions.

    Interruptions are difficult to avoid especially for home-based writers. You just can’t turn a blind eye on the television that someone forgot to turn off, a child that tries to get a hug, a ringing telephone or the arrival of a visitor.

    Interruptions are eating up your writing time and concentration. You should try to minimize or avoid them as much as you can. If you are working at home, be sure to have a special working space in your house, and when you are working, tell everyone not to bother you.

    3. Get Organized

    This involves planning what you want to do and accomplish on any particular day. Make a list of your day’s targets and do them based on their order of priority and time allocated for each job. Take notes of your progress and be aware of the items that made you spend more time than expected. At the end of each day, make an evaluation of your performance and try to determine the activities that made you spend more time than necessary. This will help you to devise ways to find out and eliminate time wasters that block you from producing your targeted output.

    4. Always get motivated.

    Motivation is the best thing that put anyone to action. Motivate yourself to write. Think of a project where you can use your additional income for writing more articles.

    These are some of the things you can do to become productive or prolific home-based writer. But in line with this objective, you should always see to it that writing is actually not about quantity but quality. You need to ensure that your articles are of acceptable quality otherwise your employer or project owner will return them to you as back-job, and it’s a waste of time.


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