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    Mar 29 th, 2012
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    How to Write Interesting News Articles

    News articles are articles that have shelf lives of just one day. The news article that you publish today is no longer news but history tomorrow, and it wouldn’t be appealing to readers anymore.

    To produce interesting articles, the first thing that you need to do is to be the very first one to release it to the public. If you are a news article writer, you need to be fast, creative and resourceful. This will help to make you shine in this business.

    To get you started, here are a few tips that can help you write interesting articles:

    1. Find the best stories to write for the day.

    News article writers are assigned leads to report about each day. Police reports, politics, government, economics, sports, and entertainment are some of the most popular topics that news article writers love to write about.

    As a news article writer, you should see to it that your stories are the latest. They also need to be newsworthy or even controversial to catch the attention of the public.

    2. Do research.

    Researching about news article topics is different from doing research for writing web articles. When you gather information for your news item, you need to conduct interviews on persons who are involved in your news story. Individuals who can add important facts to your story are also important sources of information for your news report. As soon as you have the details of your story, you need to verify them to ensure that they are based on facts.

    3. Structure your news story.

    Organize your story by creating an outline that will make it more appealing to your readers.

    To produce a story that creates an impact, list down the information and arrange them according to importance. You should state the most important information at the beginning. This should be followed by the supporting details.

    4. Use interesting headlines.

    Just like web articles, web articles need attention grabbing headlines to make them interesting to readers. But you should see to it that your headlines can tell your readers what your article is all about. Your headlines should be short enough to enable your audience to grasp it in just a glance.

    5. Use a very informative lead paragraph.

    Next to your title, your lead paragraph is the most important part of your news item. It must contain the important information that readers need to know in order to get a scoop of your news item.

    This paragraph should be able to provide answers to the who, what, when, where and how questions that your readers want answers to. This is the basic information that a news article should contain.

    6. Offer supporting details.

    After giving the basic information in the first paragraph, you need to follow it up with succeeding paragraphs that contain supporting details from people who are involved or have first-hand information of your story.

    7. Proofread your news article.

    Now that you have assembled your news article, you have to proofread them before you submit them to your editor. Read it aloud so that you will be able to spot and correct awkward sentences. You can also ask someone to read it and spot its flaws so that you can rectify them accordingly.


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