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    Jul 22 nd, 2011
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    How to Write Good Content for the Web

    The presence of millions of websites in cyberspace is solid proof that millions of people are writing for the web. But are all of them read by the audience those websites are targeted at? Or do all of them get the attention they so aspire for in order to connect with the world?

    There’s no certainty that as writers, what we are passionate about will catch the interest of our potential customers. In today’s fast-paced world where information is as reachable as a click of a finger, people don’t bother to stay any longer if they don’t get engaged by the first two words that they come across on a particular website.

    According to Gerry McGovern, the world’s number one authority on web content management, very effective web contents are made up of six primary factors that you have to ask yourself before you sit down to start with your writing task. Here are the queries and their possible explanations which will help you to write effective web content in the days ahead.

    1. Who cares about your content?

    Know what your customers care about. If you think that your content can catch people’s attention because you are passionate about the subject, you are falling into a trap of assuming that your customers will care about something because it catches your greatest interest. Most people don’t want to spend a single moment on things they don’t care about.

    2. Is it compelling?

    Knowing what your audience care about is not enough to tickle your their fancy. Information might be sufficient for some but as an article marketer, you have this need to sell. You need to make people listen. You need to make this call to action. You need to be compelling

    3. Is it clear?

    Being vague is one of the biggest mistakes a web content writer can commit, as it can compel your audience to evaporate in an instant. No one wants to stay a second on something they find too complex or vague to understand. The mark of an expert lies in his ability to make complicated things clear and simple.

    4. Is it complete?

    The essence of effective web content lies in its ability to allow your customers to completely perform all the tasks you want them to do on your website. By leading your customers to quality links that allow them to move from one step to the next makes the cycle of your web content complete.

    5. It is concise?

    Driving your idea across in a brief, straight to the point manner is a one of the best approaches to writing effective web content. Do not write anything which you are doubtful about.

    6. Is it correct?

    Before releasing content on the web, be sure to ascertain that what you wanted to tell the world is correct. Remember, information is easily accessible anywhere these days, but the world can easily spot things which were said in a rush.


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