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    Feb 20 th, 2012
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    How to Write Effectively for an Online Audience

    With hundreds of websites competing to offer information about any topic, it’s very easy for a reader to switch from one site to another to find what he’s looking for. It is one of the primary reasons why web users have very short attention spans. It also explains why web content providers try their very best to produce eye-catching content that are search engine friendly and interesting as well.

    Here are some tips that can help you to write effectively for an online audience:

    1. Use keywords in Title and taglines.

    Keywords that appear in titles and taglines help the search engines find your site easily when Internet users type them in the search box.

    2. Use keywords in headings and headlines.

    Keywords are essential for your headlines because these are the words or phrases that can lead web searchers to your website.

    Make your display copy brief and made of important keywords that can help to catch the eye of website visitors.

    3. Don’t use all capital letters.

    All -capital letters are harder to read and scan. You should avoid using them even in your display copy. But for your headlines and headings, it is good to use capital letters in every first word. You can however use all caps in acronyms.

    4. Avoid using exclamation points.

    Exclamation points are not very pleasing to see in web content unless it is intended to entertain or bring fun.

    5. Make your site easy to navigate.

    Site visitors love it when they find your website easy to navigate. You should see to it that your visitors can easily go to other pages and archived content in your site. This can help to make them stay longer.

    6. Use keywords to represent links.

    You link names and anchor text should also be made of keywords. These can help to optimize your web pages for the search engines and tell your reader that that link is relevant to your story or article.

    Avoid using “click here” or “more” for a link name. Use keywords in their places. They can help to optimize your content for the search engines.

    7. Limit fonts and background colors.

    Site visitors are turned off by web pages that use multiple fonts, font colors, font sizes and background colors. Italics are especially useful when you want to emphasize a point or when you use a foreign word or phrase.

    8. Convey information that even first time visitors can understand.

    Your intention in building a website is to attract new visitors and see to it that they keep on coming back. It is imperative that the information you convey is understandable even for people who visit your site for the first time. You need to make your content simple and without regard to your readers’ level of expertise or previous knowledge about your subject.


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