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    Mar 27 th, 2012
    Article Writing-Seo Content No Comments

    How to Write Effective SEO Article Submissions

    SEO article submission is the process of writing useful yet short keyword-rich articles to attract the search engines and your target audience. The keywords and information in your article are two of the most important factors that help to tell your prospects that you have what they are looking for.

    This article is intended to give you some of the most important SEO article writing and submission tips to improve your article marketing business:

    1. Master the process of SEO article writing.

    SEO article writing is a skill in its own right, and you need to have an in-depth knowledge of it to be able to write for the results you expect.

    To master this skill, you need to read relevant eBooks and enroll in seminars offered by SEO experts.

    2. Use Keyword research and suggestion tools to aid you in finding the right keywords.

    Your idea of what keywords your prospects might use to find your articles or web pages is not sufficient to assure you to get to the top spot in the search engine results pages. But with the help of a keyword research and suggestion tool such as Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool, you can see the keywords that people actually use to find information about your niche. It can also give you numbers of actual searches to help you determine which keywords have the biggest potential to generate traffic and sales.

    3. Write useful articles.

    Informative and useful articles that can enrich your readers’ knowledge can easily win their vote of confidence. This can help you to build a relationship with them and in time, they will be responding to your call to action.

    Articles that share your in-depth knowledge of your subject matter can impress your audience. They will appreciate you for the time and effort that you spend to share with them what you know, especially when you give answers to their most pressing questions. You will know this by their comments.

    4. Insert your keywords.

    Keywords greatly help to make your article easy to find with the help of search engines.

    Once you have finished with your article, put keywords in strategic places to optimize your article for the search engines. The best places to insert your keywords are on your title, on the first sentence of your article, about two to three times in your article body, and on your resource box.

    You must not sacrifice the quality of your article for keywords. You must also see to it that your sentences won’t sound awkward with them.

    5. Submit your article to top article directories.

    You should be careful when you submit your article to article directories. You should submit only to top article directories. Pick the ones that are trusted by the search engines, especially those that have high page rankings. This can help to enhance your exposure and increase your potential for traffic and sales.


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