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    Aug 22 nd, 2011
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    How to Write Effective Press Releases

    A press release is an effective tool in promoting blogs, products or services on the web. It is in fact the cheapest and most popular way to get online publicity and exposure, yet its potential to generate benefits to your business cannot be underestimated.

    An effective press release, which has the potential to draw huge traffic and thousands of back links to your website, is a big booster for your business. Hence, you need to follow certain guidelines in order to get your press release published by PR sites. Here are the things you need to consider when writing an eye-catching press release:

    1. Press releases should contain newsworthy items

    In order for a press release to become effective, it should contain should contain newsworthy items in the first place. Readers are not likely to finish reading your PR if it sounds more like an advertisement than an announcement.

    2. Keep it simple and easy to understand

    Press releases that are written in simple, easy to understand language is effective in maintaining the interest of your readers. Technical-sounding press releases only appeal to technical people. They are not the main target of most press releases. Keeping your press release simple reaches everyone in the audience, including the technical people.

    3. Be concise

    Press releases that are relevant, simple and concise have the tendency to catch and gain approval not just from readers but from publishers as well. You need to get your point across by going straight to the point.

    4. Specify benefits

    Effective press releases need to inform its readers (potential customers) of the benefits they can get from the product or service that is being promoted. If you are pushing a new blog, tell your audience what benefits they will get from reading it.

    5. Use Killer headlines

    All stories need to have a title or a headline that tells the reader what the body intends to say. Attention-grabbing headlines are the first and one of the most important parts of any web content. Headlines that draw your potential readers’ interest and curiosity will lead them to the rest of your article. But you must be sure your article body delivers what your headline promises.

    6. Be traceable

    No press release is effective if it doesn’t contain information that leads to you or your website. In order to complete the cycle, you should make yourself traceable by providing a back link to your web page where details of what your PR is saying are available. A more personal approach that lots of online marketers use is by disclosing their contact information, such as phone numbers or e-mail address, at the end of their press release.


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