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    Nov 16 th, 2011
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    How to Write Content that Attract Humans and Search Engines

    Web content is created to attract humans and search engines. As a web content provider, you should know that your content cannot attract humans without letting search engines know that it exists.

    The quality of written content and the value of information it carries are factors that attract humans but it is SEO and the effective use of keywords that makes search engines helpful to humans in finding content easily.

    There is correlation between the two even if they don’t speak the same language. A good balance between quality and SEO should be present in all content in order to maintain the attention of search engines and human readers. This will help to give your website or blog a good amount of traffic and a decent standing in the search engines.

    Here are a few tips of writing web content to attract humans and search engines:

    1. Write for humans

    Human readers are the ultimate consumers of your content. They are the ones that you target to convert from readers into customers. They should be your priority when writing content.

    2. Know your readers’ needs

    In order to produce content that attract humans, your first task is to know what your target audience requires. Make your content useful to them in order to win their interest.

    3. Insert Keywords

    Keywords are equally important in any web content as this will enable the search engines to find your articles for your reader’s convenience. Keywords are one of the factors that help in driving traffic to your website. You should place them in strategic places of your content.

    You should also see to it that you are not overstuffing your copy with excessive keywords as this can affect the quality and readability of your content. Besides, it could also make search engines look at it as spam. You should always remember that excessive keyword density in web content can adversely affect your rankings.

    4. Get expert advice

    If you are not well-versed with search engine optimization, it would be a good idea to get expert advice on this important internet marketing strategy.

    SEO professionals can teach you effective ways of researching, selecting and placing keywords in your web copy. They can save you from wasting your time and effort in producing articles which have little or no chances of getting found on the web.


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