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    Aug 22 nd, 2012
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    How to Write Benefits that Sell

    Every marketer’s ultimate goal is to get the attention of his prospects, earn their trust and convert them into paying customers.

    As a copywriter, you know very well that the best way to attract customers is to focus on your prospects and to make your copies emphasize the benefits that your product can deliver to them.

    Most companies are too eager to impress their prospects that they are tempted to focus only on themselves and forget what their customers wanted. In marketing, nobody cares too much about the “me” mindset. What is important is the trust of customers, and one of the best ways to win it is by producing copies that emphasize what your product can do to benefit them.

    But before you start to create your copy that highlights your product’s benefits, let’s first discover the difference between features and benefits.


    Features are facts. These are the physical components and attributes of your product. It defines what your product is, what it is made of, what are its dimensions, etc. Discussing the features can be a good way to describe a product.


    Benefits are statements that enumerate what a product can do to for the advantage, profit or gain of its users. It enumerates or lists down the good attributes that it has to make its users’ lives easier, convenient, more productive, or secure. It tells prospects and customers what your product has to offer for them.

    Here are some ways to write benefits that sell:

    1. Make a list of all the things that your product can do to benefits its users. This could include speed, safety, security, cost-savings, productivity, quality output, and potential profits.

    2. Enumerate every feature of your product and highlight the advantage it can give to its users. You should be able to connect these features to the benefits that your product can deliver. Be sure to highlight the ones that your competitor cannot deliver. These will make your product stand out from the rest.

    3. Make a list of the factors that can connect your product to your prospects in an emotional level, like extra time and money for their kids, or the safety and security of their loved ones. Many people make decisions to make a purchase if you are able to appeal to their emotions.

    4. Once you have this list, pick out the best that you can use for your copy. You must see to it that the features and benefits are true.

    You should not disappoint your customers because they will be the ones who will refer your product to their friends in the future. Remember, your copies can make or break your reputation and credibility, and writing fake benefits can ruin your career as a copywriter.

    Know your product before writing anything about it in the first place.


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