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    Oct 10 th, 2011
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    How to Write Articles with Potential to Become Viral

    Writing articles online will achieve instant success when they become viral. This is one of the reasons why article writers are constantly trying to develop ways to capture people’s interest and have their articles passed around from one website to another.

    Creating articles that become viral is the ultimate goal of any article writer. This will also allow them to reap rewards which are tons greater than the time and effort they have invested.

    Here are five suggestions to make your article become viral online:

    1. Supply your subject with passion

    Being passionate about your subject will fuel you with the energy and motivation to supply your subject with insightful ideas and information that your readers might just love. Your insights can become a powerful attraction that prompts people to share whatever information you publish online.

    2. Know what people are talking about in your niche

    Being aware of “what’s hot” in your niche can help to make your written articles interesting to your audience. Articles which focus on popular topics don’t really need much writing expertise because it already carries something that people find interesting and worth sharing. But to be on the safe side, you should always see to it that your articles are of acceptable quality because it reflects on you as a writer.

    3. Share useful information

    Useful information is something that people are always on the lookout for on the web. Sharing to others what you know based on your own research and experience could become viral if people find it useful and beneficial. This will also help to establish your credibility as a writer.

    4. Make quality a priority

    Article exposure is not enough if nobody stops to read them in the first place. Writing for exposure should involve quality if you want people to take notice of your content. It’s easy for people to take notice of flaws in your articles. This could be a factor which can prevent them from sharing your information no matter how useful it is. So when you write, you should write at your very best. Many readers try to determine the persona of the author behind the written output. You should make quality a priority when you write online.

    5. Keep it short

    Keeping your article concise, brief and packed with useful information is the best way to communicate with your readers through your written work. Your readers’ time is precious. They will love you for educating them at the least time possible.


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