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    Feb 9 th, 2012
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    How to Use YouTube for Marketing Your Business

    Videos about information, music, humor and other aspects of ordinary life have invaded YouTube today. The millions of views that YouTube gets on a daily basis affirms this.

    YouTube is a giant virtual market that only needs shaking to awaken its potential to give your business a boost. But unfortunately, not many business owners and marketers are keen on using YouTube to promote their businesses. They prefer to use the other forms of product promotion like traditional marketing because it’s the proven way to drive sales.

    Marketers who are beginning to appreciate the potentials of YouTube believe that it can do many things to benefit a business. It only requires you to perform specific things to make it an effective platform for your marketing efforts.

    In this article, we will give you five important tips on how to use YouTube for marketing your business:

    1. Create tags for your videos.

    Creating tags for your videos is an option that YouTube gives to uploaders to enhance their videos’ chances of getting found.

    Tags play an important role in improving the visibility of your videos. There are tons of great videos on Youtube, but many of them are left unseen because their uploader didn’t bother to create tags for those them.

    2. Make quality a priority in creating your video.

    The quality of your business video does not only say a lot about its creator, but it reflects your business. As a business owner or marketer, you should ensure that your videos are of high quality to make it serve its main purpose which is to attract viewers.

    If you can hire a production company to create an optimized video for your marketing campaign, it would be beneficial for your business.

    3. Provide a description for your videos.

    YouTube provides a description box to allow uploaders to write a description of their videos. Here, you can put your URL, a summary of your video, added tips and other things you want to identify your video with.

    Business videos that have links and other information in the description box are more likely to get responses than the ones which are not accompanied by a description.

    4. Keep it short.

    Keep your videos short to make them hold the interest of their viewers. With the short attention span of Internet users, it is nearly impossible for you to hold them to watch a 30-minute video.

    Your business video should be less than five minutes and packed with all the relevant information to ensure that it gets through to its viewers.

    5. Promote your video.

    Videos rarely become popular on their own, and you need to share them with your contacts in other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and your own website.

    The video you uploaded may be an excellent one but if you do not promote it, it will take time before it gets noticed or worse, nobody will even know that it exists.

    Business videos are not as appealing to viewers as the other types of videos on YouTube, but you can make it work with a little creativity and resourcefulness.


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