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    Aug 22 nd, 2011
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    How to Submit Press Releases for Maximum Exposure

    Writing a press release to promote your website is an effective way to get online exposure with the least cost. But the mere knowledge of writing one is not all that it takes to optimize your PR’s potential to give you the result you wanted. Another part of the process is to know what to put into your article to make them easy to find and where to submit them.

    Here are some tips on how to submit your press release for best possible results:

    1. Press releases should be search engine friendly

    Just like a majority of web contents, press releases need to be found online, so they should be made search engine friendly. The way to make this happen is to make your PR is keyword-optimized. But keywords should be used in a way that will make them look natural in the sentences. In order for a press release to be easily found by search engines, keywords should be placed strategically in the article title, body and summary.

    You can repeat the use of keywords in the body a few times, but you should avoid using them excessively in your press release.

    2. Use anchor text links if it’s allowed

    The use of anchor text links is very common in blog and website articles, but it is seldom applied to press releases because its use is not applicable in most press release distribution sites.

    Whenever the use of anchor text links is permitted, you should take advantage of it because it helps to take your reader to the webpage you intend them to visit.

    Anchor text links are actually keywords that point your readers to your targeted pages.

    3. Quality is still the name of the press release game

    All People promoting products or services capitalize on quality as their selling point. Relatively, the quality of your press release and the website that releases it are just two of the few factors that spell success for your site’s exposure.

    Even if you have an effective press release article at hand, you still need to be picky when choosing a press release distribution site. There are press release sites that are willing to publish your article, but not all of them can give you the results you desire.

    When you submit your press release to a few press release sites which have a wide audience base, you are actually creating a better opportunity for your site or product to be seen by thousands of users. It is even better than submitting your press release to a hundred websites with a small audience base.

    The popularity or quality of a PR site can be determined by its page rank. You must be sure to publish your press release in a lot of quality press release sites. It is one way of reaching out to a wider audience base.


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