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    Oct 27 th, 2011
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    How to Start a Freelance Writing Career

    There are many people who have the talent for writing but they just don’t know how to monetize their skill. One of the ways of writing for money is to become a freelance writer.

    A freelance writer is a self-employed writer who writes for money. He is not committed to any employer in the long term and he earns by finding writing contracts.

    If you have writing skills and you contemplate of becoming a freelance writer, here are a few steps to help you start a freelance writing career:

    1. Submit an online resume with samples of your work

    An online resume is essential in helping you find a freelance job as it exposes you to a lot of possible employers who maybe looking for contractors online. There are lots of free online resume builders who can help to give you the exposure that you need on the web.

    You should also include a cover letter and samples of your work if the site provides a space for it.

    2. Go find a job

    One of the best ways of earning money as a freelance writer is to find writing jobs or projects. This part of your career needs you to be patient because it is beyond your control. But there are actually lots of opportunities; it just takes longer for newbies to find their first project. Some of the websites where freelance writing projects are offered include Elance, Demand Studio and odesk.

    3. Be consistent in producing acceptable work

    Employers are conscious about quality because the articles you deliver will become part of their website content. No one wants to publish anything that cannot drive traffic because of poor quality. You should also work to improve your skills. SEO, keyword research and effective web content writing strategies are very important aspects of writing that you should master. It can help to satisfy your customers.

    4. Market yourself online

    You can increase your exposure as an online freelance writer by building a blog which can help you market your services. You can also join a community of writers where writing opportunities and tips can be found. Contribute whatever ideas you can in these communities, show that you can write, but be brief.

    5. Be cautious of scams online

    There are lots of websites which offer lucrative writing jobs for a fee. You should research carefully before applying for any jobs online especially if the rates are too good to be true. Ask your fellow writers in the forum about their experiences in the writing job market before signing up with a website which collects money in exchange for a writing job.


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