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    Jan 3 rd, 2012
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    How to Start a Freelance Writing Career

    The people who want to be relieved from their 8-5 jobs are increasing by the day. Their desire to work from home is growing, but most of them are not too determined to leave their office work. They are afraid of the consequences that the career change might bring them.

    Freelance writing is a work-from-home job that can set you free from the bonds of 8-5 jobs. It can offer lots of opportunities, but it takes time and effort to build. But despite this, a lot of people are still willing to make a career change. Here are some of the most common ways people do when they shift from their jobs to freelance writing:

    1. Start as soon as possible

    If you have a knack for writing and you want to cross over from your present job to writing, start as soon as you can. You can avoid the negative consequences of changing your career path by doing it as a part-time job at first. You have to keep your job while you are still making a name in the freelance writing community. This will help to make you hone your talents, get a feel of the market, and measure your earning potentials. You can leave your day job as soon as you are confident that your writing skills and client base are reliable enough to give you a stable and decent income.

    2. Identify the freelance writing job you want to do

    For some people, freelance writing refers to one and the same kind of job. There are actually many types of freelance writing jobs. These include writing web content, resumes, thesis, academic reports, and writing for print magazines.

    You have to identify which type of freelance writing career you would want to get into, concentrate on it and strive to be the best on that field. This will help to give you a steady supply of projects and unlimited income potential.

    3. Create a portfolio

    When you are starting up with freelance writing, one of the very first things you need to do is to create a portfolio which contains samples of your written work. This will help your prospects to evaluate your ability as a writer. Your portfolio should include samples of projects you can do like sales letters, feature articles, press releases and other forms of written work.

    4. Do not accept more than you can take

    It’s natural for you to be ambitious especially if you are just starting with your new career. But you have to balance the projects you accept with your capabilities. You have to be sure that you can do the job before accepting a job offer. There are negative consequences for accepting a job offer that can’t be done.

    5. Know your worth

    Knowing how much you are worth for your efforts is one of the most challenging tasks you will encounter as a new freelance writer. You can minimize your problems with this by researching the rates of other writers. This will help you to evaluate your rate based on your skills and experience.

    These are some of the most basic steps of embarking on a freelance writing career. They can help to make you start a new career path with less difficulty.


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