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    Feb 9 th, 2012
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    How to Start a Career as an Online Freelance Writer

    Online freelance writing is slowly making a name as a profession. It has become a good way to make a decent living for some, and many others are still trying to master it in their desire to get out of their 8-5 routine.

    As an aspiring freelance writer, you need to enjoy working from home. You also need to be an internet savvy with good research skills so that you will not run out of interesting topics to write about.

    With the influx of millions of websites and blogs in the World Wide Web today, the demand for freelance writers has soared. This has opened the door for the three types of website writers to emerge.

    1. Professional Writers

    Professional writers are highly skilled individuals who are trained to write for the print media like newspapers, magazines and other publications. They are experts in a specific topic and they belong to the top of the writing profession, earning more than $0.10 per word.

    2. Article Writers

    Article writers are next to professional writers in terms of skill, expertise and pay scale. Rates of article writers are based largely on their skill, experience and the topic. The rates of article writers vary from $0.02 to $0.10 per word.

    3. SEO Writers

    Among the three, SEO writers are the least in terms of quality of their written output. Their writing, which involves the use of particular keywords, is focused more on the search engines rather than the readers.

    SEO writers are hired to make the site rank higher in the search engines for the keywords that are assigned to them.

    How to Become a Freelance Online Writer

    Most people want to do article writing for their freelance work. This is because of a high demand for online article writers. With million of websites and blogs that populate the web, online freelance writing is becoming a stable source of income for many people.

    It takes a lot of research and writing skills plus some computer literacy to become a freelance online writer. Of course, the equipment that you need to do your work should be set up before you begin to look for your first client.

    Here are some tips which can help you to start as a freelance online writer:

    1. Identify your strengths.

    The first thing you need to discover when you want to work as an online writer is your strengths. You should know what topics you are comfortable working with, what time of day you are most productive and how many articles you will be able write in a specified length of time.

    2. Look for opportunities.

    The web has lots of opportunities where you can publish for cash. Sites like and, and are among the sites that offer opportunities for freelancer writers. Other sites that pay you for the content you create include Hubpages, eHow and Examiner.

    3. Focus on keywords.

    Even if you are not working as a SEO writer, you should spend time to research and determine good keywords for your article, then produce engaging content based on those keywords. This will help to improve the visibility of your article and bring traffic to the site where you publish it.

    4. Consider deadlines seriously.

    Being conscious of submission deadlines is an indication of professionalism and concern for your work and your client. You should consider it an important aspect of your career as it can help to build your credibility.

    In freelance writing, you enjoy a lot of office autonomy, time flexibility and freedom about what to write. It can also give you enough room to learn and polish your skills with experience.

    Just remember that it can take you down if you forget to take some time to live the other aspects of life, like seeing the outside world, being with friends, getting some sun, and engaging in sports or physical exercises.


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