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    May 30 th, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    How to Rewrite Your Existing Articles

    One smart way to revive and make good use of your existing articles is to rewrite them and reuse them for your marketing campaign.

    But article rewriting does not revolve around the mere rephrasing of content, as what many writers do. It involves updating the article with new and relevant information. Web users love to read fresh information. It is one of the reasons why search engines give preference to frequently updated sites when they do indexing. This will enable them to cater to the needs of web users in their search for fresh, relevant content.

    Here are some of the ways to rewrite existing articles:

    1. Change the headline.

    Find a new angle that can make your rewritten article interesting and looking new. Use a different but related keyword of key phrase in your headline to optimize your article for the search engines.

    2. Use subheadings to change the structure of the article.

    Adding sub-headlines to the rewritten article will give it a better structure and exposure to search engines. Be sure to use keywords in your subheadings.

    3. Use bullet lists to emphasize important points.

    Presenting important points in a large block of text in paragraph form reduces the readability and scannability of your article. You should make it easy for your readers by presenting these points in bulleted form. This makes your content more understandable and easier to skim through.

    4. Change your introduction.

    The introductory paragraph is the entry point of an article which engages your reader to move on to your article body. Introduce your topic from a different angle. It can help to make your article different from its older version.

    6. Update your new article with fresh keywords.

    Make your rewritten article appealing to a new audience by infusing it with fresh keywords that are highly searched in the present time. This will help to make your new article reach new searchers.

    6. Add links.

    Linking is an important part of making your article matter to the search engines. Providing relevant links to high ranking, popular or authority sites makes your content more credible. It is also one way of telling your site visitors that you value them by offering to give them more information from other sources instead of just keeping them in your site.


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