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    Aug 9 th, 2011
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    How to Rewrite Articles

    Rewriting original articles to produce unique versions for submission to different article directories is not uncommon among website owners and manager these days.

    One of the purposes for this is to spread information not just about your chosen subject but as a way to drive traffic to your own website which promises to say more. It is in fact a way to increase your search engine optimization.

    In order to be sure that your article in the article directory is not an exact copy of your website content, you should rewrite it and make it as unique as possible. Submitting exact copies of your website content to article directories is a way to make your readers think that you are a lazy website owner who doesn’t care and that you know nothing better.

    Readers find it frustrating when they followed your link, expecting to find more interesting content – only to find the same article on the landing page. Aside from rewriting the articles before submitting them to directories, another way to provide your readers with more information is to direct them to a different post on your site. This will be worth his time.

    Here are a few ways rewrite articles to make them unique:

    1. You can express your ideas in different ways while it’s still fresh. You should rewrite your article right after you’ve finished with the original one;

    2. Rewrite your article paragraph by paragraph. As long as you retain your original idea, making lots of changes really makes it look better and far from being labeled as duplicate content by search engines;

    3. You can use alternative words and rearrange sentences to certain extent. Always remember that modern search engines have the capability to identify spun content from rewritten ones;

    4. Take note of unused keywords and use them in your rewritten version of the article. Using unused keywords in a rewritten article is a way to tell search engines that the article is original;

    5. Avoid using article spinning tools that do nothing more than just randomly replace words with synonyms, that’s not what rewriting is all about;

    6. If you can change whole paragraphs at some point in your article, the more unique your article would appear both to search engines and human users;

    7. Use subheadings in your rewritten version whenever applicable;

    8. Always check your work for uniqueness with the use of a good comparison tool. Producing an article 90 – 100 percent unique should be your target, but making it 75 percent unique would be fair enough.


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