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    Jul 10 th, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    How to Rewrite Articles Effectively

    Article rewriting is a skill that is gets the attention of many webmaster and website owners who prefer to get the services of good rewriters because hiring writers who possess technical knowledge of their niche could be very costly.

    Outsourcing content providing jobs to article rewriters have become common to blog and website owners. Many rewriters have also developed excellent rewriting skills and they can incorporate search engine optimization into their work, making it easy for their articles to be seen by the search engines.

    Although article rewriting has become common these days, it still remains a subject of controversy because every rewriter is faced with the risk of getting charged with plagiarism if the article he produces is not unique enough.

    The job is actually more complicated than just replacing a few words. It involves rewriting the entire article with the idea still intact. A total understanding of the original article is therefore necessary to enable the article rewriter to produce his own unique version of the story.

    Here are some tips on how to rewrite articles effectively:

    1. Read and understand the original article.

    You have to get a good grasp of what the original article is trying to say, and the only way to get this is by reading it in its entirety.

    2. Consider the format and size of the original article.

    When you’re rewriting an article, one of your most important objectives is to come up with the same story stated in a different way. But your version should have the format and size as the original.

    Rewriting is not all about changing everything in the article, as the new version should carry the same thought, format and size as the original.

    3. Rewrite as much as possible.

    This is rewriting, and serious rewriting requires you to rewrite as much as you can. Failure to achieve more than 60 percent uniqueness in the rewritten version will get you into trouble for plagiarism, and it has serious consequences. Poorly rewritten articles are not appealing as well. It will only send readers away, leaving your website with a bad mark on its face.

    4. Proofread and edit your article.

    You need to proofread your article to ensure that no awkward words are left undetected. Check your grammar and spelling with the aid of a grammar and spelling checker, then check the uniqueness of your article with the help of reliable online plagiarism checking sites such as the one provided by

    These are some of the ways to rewrite articles. Use these as your guide to produce unique articles and to avoid negative consequences.


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