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    May 22 nd, 2012
    Article Rewriting No Comments

    How to Rewrite Articles and Produce Original Content

    Article rewriting is not uncommon these days as many writers are able to write on different topics from research. A lot of employers also require writers to rewrite some articles for distribution to article directories. Hence, rewriting is a must for some of them.

    Article rewriting can take time, but there are times when a client requires a writer to rewrite too many articles on limited time. This compels the writer to work double-time, and this often leads to burn-out, fatigue, overwork, sickness and other health issues.

    And with the mounting pressure on the writer’s shoulder, he often resorts to the use of spinning software which is actually a process of rewording the articles to make it sound different.

    But article spinning is still copying in its deepest sense. Article rewriting should go deeper than mere substitution of words. And it should be able to produce an article which is entirely different in the way the message is delivered, but it should carry the same thought that the original article intends to convey.

    Article rewriting is beyond spinning, and it’s not as easy as some people might think.

    To make sure that you are not copying someone else’s work, here are a few steps that you need to consider when you rewrite articles:

    1. Read and understand the article that you intend to rewrite, and take note of its most important points.

    2. Write the article in your own words with the use of the important points that you have taken note of. Avoid using the same phrases given in the original article.

    3. Avoid referring to the original article while you are rewriting; this will tempt you to use some words that appear in the original document. It can spoil your intent to produce an original version it.

    4. When you are finished with your rewriting task, run a check on your article to see to it that the version you have created does not show any footprints of the original article. You should aim to make your version 100 percent original or close enough to it.

    If you can accomplish this, you are already one of the few writers who are equipped with the skill to rewrite “original” articles.

    Remember, the best tool that you need to have to effectively rewrite articles is perfect understanding of what you want to rewrite about. And since rewriting is a skill, you need to practice constantly. Master your craft and gain speed with it.


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