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    Sep 2 nd, 2012
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    How to Research for Keywords that Attract Search Engines

    Keyword research and selection are two of the most important elements of effective search engine optimization. They are meant to make you connect to your targeted audience – the people who use key phrases to search for information on the web. The use of the right keywords can help to get your web page to the top of the search engine results page. It is a big help to your objective of bringing the right people to your website.

    Here are some of the ways to research keywords that attract search engines:

    1. Don’t allow search volume to affect your decision on your selection of keywords.

    The search volume of keywords doesn’t always give the assurance of a top spot in the search engine results when you use those keywords in your content.

    It is true that the search volume is an indication of the popularity of a particular keyword. But you also need to consider the fact that the more a keyword becomes highly searched for, the bigger are its chances of being used by a multitude of websites that want to take advantage of its popularity. And this means tough competition. If you are using these keywords and you are competing against big websites that have established their SEO ahead of you, it’s would be time to get back to the drawing table and plan for a better strategy.

    You should also avoid generic keywords even if they get millions of searches a month. They cannot give you the specific traffic that you want for your site. Use popular yet less competed specific keywords as much as you can. It can help to bring targeted traffic to your website.

    2. Use long-tail keywords. They are the best for new websites.

    Search engine optimization is not just about using highly targeted keywords that promote visibility; it is also intended to win the trust of search engines. This factor is unfortunately enjoyed only by established sites, and new sites don’t have this privilege yet.

    You can work you way around it by using long-tail keywords to minimize competition. These keywords may have lower search volumes but they can deliver higher conversion rates because of their ability to get targeted traffic.

    3. Use unique keywords for every page.

    You should always use a different set of keywords for every web page. This can help to give your site multiple chances of getting a decent spot in the search engine results, depending on the specific keyword that you use for the specific information that you present. For example, if you use the key phrase “puppy training at home” in your home page, you can also use “bulldog puppy training at home” on one of its other pages. It can help to bring real targeted traffic to specific pages in your website.

    5. Always consider the user intent factor in your keyword selection process.

    The user intent factor could be as important as the keyword itself because it can help to give you the right traffic for your website. Remember, people can use different keywords to find information about the same thing. Likewise, they can also use the same word to find information for different things. A fine example for this would be the word “apple;” this can be used to find information about the fruit, or it can be used to find content that talks about the computer brand. Considering user intent plays an important role in keyword selection. It can help to bring to your website to the right audience that it wants.

    5. Your keywords should evolve to allow your site to keep up with the latest search trends.

    Your keywords don’t have to remain the same for as long as your website exists. You are free to use a new set of keywords for your new content. This can help to allow your site to keep up with the latest search trends.

    These are some of the ways that you can do to find keywords that attract search engines. These can help to make your site more visible to humans.


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