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    May 21 st, 2012
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    How to Protect your Website from Negative SEO

    Many companies and website owners are alarmed with the advent of negative search engine optimization. Some of them just can’t get away from the possibility that some of their competitors, especially those that are lower in search results rankings, might resort to doing dirty tricks to put their website down.

    But far from all your fears, negative SEO is really not that powerful. It might have the capability to ruin a website, but it’s not what website owners are planning to do. Generally, people are working optimize their sites and not to bring other websites down.

    But negative SEO is real and it can happen, especially if your site is not at peace with other people’s interests and advocacies.

    Here are some of the ways to protect your website from negative SEO:

    1. Build a large website.

    A website with just a single page is very vulnerable to negative SEO attacks. But if your site has lots of pages, it will be able to absorb the effects of negative SEO as you have plenty of pages that work to get to the top of the search results. Losing a single page won’t matter to a website with a hundred or more pages.

    2. Install Google analytics on your website.

    This will help to make you aware when someone links to your site from suspicious sources.

    3. Keep your linking profile clean.

    This can help to show the search engines that you haven’t done anything to manipulate your rankings. Search engines, especially Google, are very particular of the websites’ adherence to their quality guidelines.

    4. Keep your site architecture nice and solid.

    This will help to tell the search engines that your site is a legitimate one. Bad website architecture will only give the search engines an impression that it is spam. Spammy websites don’t deserve a chance to appear at the top pages of search results.

    These are some of the ways to protect your website from negative SEO. No new formula has yet been introduced to defend your site from these tactics. The best thing to do to avoid it is to make your site compliant with standard guidelines of search engine optimization.


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