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    Aug 22 nd, 2011
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    How to Promote your Website for Free

    A business website is a virtual office or store. It is created to attract visitors.

    In order to achieve this goal, websites have to be known to their targeted audience online because these are the people who will become their customers and followers. These people will provide a big chunk to their revenue when they patronize the products or services that the site promotes.

    But many cost-conscious website owners find it too costly to spend for website advertising such as the pay per click marketing. If this is the case for your business, there are website promotion methods you can use for free. These tactics however, need more time and energy to accomplish, but they’re totally free.

    1. Swap links with related websites

    Search engines index and rank websites based on how many websites are linking or referring to it. In short, a website’s popularity and relevance matters in its page ranking in relation to specific search terms. But creating links to earn high page ranking is not as simple as building multiple websites and linking them together.

    In order for your website to make an impact on the search engines, it needs quality links to relevant or popular sites. You can build links to these sites by sending them an email which informs them of your intention to link to their site, but you have to ask them to link to yours in return. You will be able to determine a websites page rank by using the Google Toolbar.

    2. Create a blog to help promote your website

    A blog within your website paves the way of communication with your website’s visitors and readers. It also catches the attention of search engines. Engaging in an interaction with other bloggers gives you more linking opportunities and a better chance to raise your search engine rankings. Another way to catch the attention of search engine spiders is to consistently update your blog with relevant articles which are injected with related keywords.

    3. Submit articles to article directories

    Writing articles which are relevant to your niche and submitting them to popular article directories is a nice way to improve your website’s exposure. The more popular your website will become when other websites notice the importance of your article and publish it. But you should not forget to provide it with a link that points back to your website.

    The link will allow the readers of the other websites to enter your site should they want to get more information.

    4. Use social media to promote your website

    Social networking is an effective way of promoting websites. Websites are really intended for humans and promoting your website directly to other people by means of social media is the quicker way to find visitors.

    5. Choose targeted keywords

    Using keywords that were actually entered by users in the search box helps a lot in search engine optimization. Using “targeted” keywords a number of times in each page helps a lot in drawing lots of visitors to your website. To ensure that you are using the right keywords, you can use any free keyword tool on the web.


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