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    Aug 30 th, 2011
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    How to Promote a Website and Increase Traffic

    Your website is a virtual home. It is a showroom, a headquarters or a marketing department for many businesses. A website can actually bring unlimited opportunities to a business.

    Businesses thrive where people are. This is the reason why you need to promote your website so that many people as well as other websites will know about it.

    The task is called website promotion, an aspect of internet marketing which gives your website the chance for increased traffic and higher earning potentials.

    Here are some pointers that can help you promote your website to generate more traffic and a wider audience base:

    1. Get a domain name that represents your business

    A domain name that represents a business makes it familiar for people to recall. Make your website easy tom remember by using short domain names that represent your business on the web.

    2. Post unique and helpful content

    People go to the web to seek information; they’re not impressed with blatant ads. You can give them what they want in your website by posting relevant, unique and informative content on a regular basis. When posting new content, always think of the benefits it can give to your readers.

    3. Submit Your Site to Search Engines

    Submitting your site to search engines is an important step you should not miss to attract traffic to your website. It is important to note that 75 percent of traffic to most websites is brought to it by major search engines such as Google.

    4. Let money do the job

    If you want to get traffic without really exerting much effort is to advertise. This is a paid internet service which gets your website on prime locations through banner ads.

    5. Organize a community

    Getting involved in an online community such as e-mail groups, message boards and chat forums is a way of promoting your website for free. Be active in online communities. Post valuable information and answer people’s questions correctly. Do not forget to include your signature which contains your website at the bottom of your posting.

    6. Maintain a Mailing List

    Personalize your connection with your prospects and customers by communicating with them. It is the best way to earn trust and build a relationship.

    8. Submit Articles to article directories

    One of the most common website promotion strategies is submitting articles to e-zines, article directories and websites that accept submissions. Just see to it that your link and website information are included in your resource box.

    9. Update Your Website

    An updated, well maintained website is what both search engines and human users are on the lookout for. You should also be on the constant lookout for broken links, truncated articles and broken images. Make your website as informative and navigable as possible. These are important points that make visitors and search engines drop by time after time.


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