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    Dec 22 nd, 2011
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    How to Produce Quality Marketing Videos

    Video marketing is an effective tool for driving traffic to increase your online exposure and potential for sales. It requires the production of video for the thousands of Internet users to view.

    An increasing number of people have seen the ease and convenience of watching videos over reading articles. This is the reason why you need to produce marketing videos to reach this new market.

    You should however take note that this new audience is no different from the other web surfers who have little attention span. You need to catch their interest with quality, informative and engaging videos in order to drive them to your website.

    Here are some of the ways to produce quality marketing videos:

    1. Get the right equipment

    You need to have the right equipment in order to produce quality videos. A high density flip camera and a tripod can help you a lot on this.

    2. Ensure good lighting

    Videos which are created in a well-lit area attract more viewers than videos which are produced in a poorly lit place. When producing your video, you should consider lighting seriously, as this is one factor which can help to establish the credibility of your message. A dark video can cause your viewers to lose interest.

    3. Prepare an outline of important points before shooting

    You should avoid reading script, turning pages and looking down in front of the camera when shooting video. You should look natural as much as possible to maintain the interest of your viewers. You should not distract your potential customers with unnecessary movements or gaps in the delivery of your message.

    4. Place keywords in the title and description boxes

    Optimize your video content by placing important keywords in its title and description boxes. This will enable the search engines to find your videos easily.

    5. You have the first 30 seconds to catch your viewer’s attention

    You only have your first 30 seconds to capture your viewers’ attention. Use this to impress them. Let them know that your presentation is beneficial to them so that they will stay on to listen, then tell them the benefits.

    6. Maintain eye contact with the camera

    Looking directly at the camera is like maintaining eye contact with your audience. It implies honesty and confidence in what you are saying. People will get the impression that you are not telling the truth when you look somewhere else while you’re talking.

    7. Relax

    People can easily notice if you are tense while you’re delivering your marketing piece in front of the camera. It implies lack of confidence and it can translate to loss of credibility. Just relax, be confident when you say that your message can give them some tangible benefits. It will make you more credible.

    8) Make a clear call to action

    This often comes last, but this is one of the most important aspects of marketing. A clear call to action tells people what to do after reading or viewing your content. Whatever you desire your audience to do, such as signing up for a free E-newsletter or report, say it plainly and clearly. Also include your URL in your video so that they will know exactly where to go next.


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